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The Museum The Museum
The Civic Museum of Palaeontology and Palaeo-ethonology of Maglie (Lecce, Puglia, Italy), established in 1960 by the Speleological Group of Salento, a moral institution set up in 1955 in Maglie, was recognized by Interministerial Decree in 1965 as a non-government Minor Museum.
Strongly supported by the Italian Institute of Human Palaeontology, represented by Gian Alberto and Alberto Carlo Blanc, the Museum was the natural result of a long research on the territory, conducted by some local enthusiasts and Italian experts among which the two Blanc, Antonio Lazzari, Paolo Graziosi, Antonio Mario Radmilli, Giuliano Cremonesi and Decio de Lorentiis.
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The Sections The Sections
The current exhibition is organized in 3 sections, Geology and Palaeontology, Palaeolithic and Prehistoric Art, Neolithic and the Age of Metals. The section dedicated to ethnographic sub-Saharan African Art is almost complete. From the first evidence of life in Salento, dating to the end of the Cretaceous period, the attempt to reconstruct the territory and human groups who settled there takes us to the threshold of the Iron Age, covering an exhibition area for a time period lasting longer than 65 million years.
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The thematic visits
The contents exhibited in the Museum offer many possibilities to study the subjects of the different scientific disciplines that reconstruct the history, through theme visits. Each visit, in fact, can be customized according to the precise needs of individual groups. Of these, 9 are now traditionally offered by the Laboratory of educational research of the Museum for groups not exceeding 30-40 people, and deal with specific geological aspects and territorial palaeontologics, Man in relation to climate and different environments of Paleolithic, the Neolithic civilization, the tribal cults of the first agricultural society, the protohistoric societies and protourban settling systems. Other thematics are inserted in the package of educational offers for the scholastic world as The magic world of the Deer Grotto, Art and crafts in prehistoric times, Forms and time of the first agriculture, Power of fire etc.
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